Open Letters

This page provides links to correspondence with government officials concerning the failure to provide health and social care workers with effective protection against contracting COVID-19 from infectious patients, a failure which is likely to have been a significant causative factor in death and disease, not only amongst these workers but also by onward transmission to patients and others in their care.

Two organisations are challenged about the serious mishandling of the pandemic as a result of official 'Infection Protection and Control' (IPC) guidance being seriously flawed by requiring the use of surgical masks when providing close-contact care of infectious patients.

Surgical masks do not provide effective protection against inhalation of airborne viruses. They are not even classified as 'PPE' in the UK, yet health and social care workers have been led to believe that these will keep them safe.

Correspondence with Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The HSE is the organisation responsible for regulating and enforcing health and safety legislation throughout the UK.

Correspondence with the Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee

The Committee is a cross-party group of MPs (chaired by the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP) assigned to conduct a "Lessons Learned" inquiry about the Government's handling of the pandemic. The Committee failed to heed warnings that healthcare workers were imperilled by inadequate PPE.